JVC 98” 4K UHD Smart TV LG webOS TV LT-98N7125

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JVC 98” UHD Smart LG webOS TV LT-98N7125

  • 98" UHD
  • Resolution: 4K
  • HDR 3840 x 2160
  • Memory: 1.5GB+8GB
  • Connectivity: 3 x HDMI/ 3 x USB/1xRJ45/ /Headphone/ Optical
  • Voice Recognition Bluetooth speaker
  • CPU: Quad-core
  • Operating System: LG Webos
  • 1 Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty

The JVC 98” 4K UHD smart tv is a beautiful smart tv with a clean contemporary design to match your aesthetic. This 98-inch tv comes with many features that make it the perfect entertainment centre for any household.

98“ Screen

This tv boasts a gigantic 98” (248.92cm) screen that provides a visual experience that rivals IMAX movies. With such a large screen your home will quickly become the preferred venue for a movie night with your friends and family. So make sure you are ready to host and be the centre of your social circle when buying this 98-inch tv.

4K UHD Resolution

This gigantic screen is fully utilised on this 98-inch tv as it has a  modern 3840X2160 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution. This complements the large screen providing an experience that any cinephile would dream of having at home. This high resolution complimented by its 1200:1 contrast ratio provides a crystal clear picture quality that is almost indistinguishable from reality. This stunning picture quality will blow you away as you lose yourself in this 98-inch tv.


This 98-inch tv also includes  High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. HDR technology allows this tv to produce images with a perceptibly large difference between bright and dark regions. This allows it to achieve lifelike picture quality with precise details in lighting variation. This allows it to accurately recreate original true colours that will take your viewing experience to the next level.

LG Webos

The operating system on this 98-inch tv is the acclaimed LG Webos. This OS provides access to the LG content store that includes many popular innovative tv applications. These include Netflix, Disney plus, Amazon prime, and YouTube. Giving you access to a wide range of entertainment on your tv. 

The LG Webos boasts better multitasking capabilities than other smart tv operating systems, including Android. A smart bar at the bottom allows you to launch other applications without closing the current one. Therefore you can quickly google who an actor is and where you know them from while watching Netflix. A quad-core processor and 1.5GB RAM ensure the LG Webos runs smoothly on this 98-inch tv, while the 8GB storage provides plenty of space for apps.


This 98-inch tv comes with a wide range of connectivity options, that ensure it can handle all of your devices. These include the following:

3 X HDMI: This 98-inch tv has a total of 3 HDMI ports, which is the most common port for most modern HD devices. These include Blu-ray players and the newest gaming consoles. With so many HDMI ports you can connect all your devices to the tv, and easily swap between them with the remote. With so many HDMI ports you will always have space for the newest gadget.

3 X USB: There are a total of 3 USB ports on this 98-inch tv, which allow you to connect your smartphone or any other USB device. So you can show off your best photos, or just let everyone watch your home videos of your pet on the big screen. With all the files accessed through the OS UI navigating your USB device's storage is a breeze.

1 X Composite Input: While composite input is usually used for older devices this 98-inch tv does have one. This allows you still to use your older devices for a bit of nostalgia, or just to enjoy the classics. With this input option, this 98-inch tv ensures that nothing is lost to the passage of time.

1 X Ethernet (RJ45): With HD streaming services demanding faster connection speeds for smooth playback, wired internet connections are becoming the preferred connection type for the tv. That is why this 98-inch tv has one ethernet (RJ45) port ensuring you have the fastest internet speed possible. While also giving you access to all of your smart TV features that require internet access. With a wired connection, you never have to wait for your HD movie to buffer while streaming

1 X Headphone Jack: This 98-inch tv also has a built-in headphone jack. This is perfect for night owls or if you live in an apartment with thin walls, as it allows you to enjoy your entertainment without disturbing anyone around you.

With so many connectivity options this 98-inch tv can handle any device you can throw at it.

2 X 10W Digital Amp Speakers

This 98-inch tv also has two built-in 10W digital amp speakers. These provide perfect crisp audio to go with the amazing picture quality. With these speakers, you can easily use this tv for music at your next party.

1 Year Warranty

This 98-inch tv is sold with a standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty, that guarantees all of these great features will work. This warranty also covers the tv for any breakdown caused by a manufacturing fault or defect. Therefore you have peace of mind that you will get full use of all the great features of this 98-inch tv.

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